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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joel Vandroogenbroeck - Jetty Betty

Here is some smoothness that is from the LP "Forever" from the super long last named Joel Vandroogenbroeck. I downloaded this LP from a blog that specializes in the library records and OSTs from the late 60s to the early 80s. I seem to never find samples like this one on any of those other LPs though. This one has a very reggae feel to it and I love the drums at the beginning. There are a ton of isolated sample chops in this joint and I could hear this going many different directions after you chop it up. Kick back and sip a margarita with an umbrella in it while you jam this smooth reggae style track titled "Jetty Betty".

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Star - Sentimental

Alittle bit of this... A little bit of that.. A little bit a dopeness that Im pullin out my hat! This is the magical digger at your service. This sample here is another what I would call... a "Jesse's Special" because its that 1980s nostalgia that I long for in my sample selections. I think this has some trademark 80s sounds, but the all around vibe of the track is way doper than that... O yea.. this shit came out in 1991 too. WOW... I love when something like.. Charles Bradley and the Menahan St Band trick your brain into thinking.. this is super old school but wait... it came out in 2012, "WHAT THE FUCK?"! Mind blown! I ove that and this is one of them samples for me that.. Blows my mind and makes me want to turn it into a banger. Enjoy my peoples!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pieces of a Dream - You

Here is more awesome baby making tunes for the flipping. I love these samples for one reason, wait.. for 2 reasons.. they are instrumental and saxed up. Its always awesome when a sample has good vocals to use in a sample, but avoiding all of the other vocals to make it sound like a good clean beat can really be tough. This group is one of the best with the soft instrumental music that just has that smoothness to it. I am sure someone will kill this one and I have yet to test it myself.. so here ya go. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lia - Constantly

Here is another one of my specialty samples that are like mid 80s R&B or early 90s R&B... those are my style of flips and digs. If you are afraid of sampling outside of the 60s and 70s like I was in the past.. just say fuck it and do whatever you want. In todays day and age.. people can basically do anything and you will only get in trouble if you sell 1 million units on shelves in the store.. and guess what.. Nobody does that anymore because everything is pirated and free online. WOW.. we are free to sample anything.. hence my new age style of flipping anything from the mid 90s and before. This is a joint I love to jam on my ipod.. its smooth, has the sick vocal chops.. and its slow enough to speed up into that east coast style track. Enjoy this one my digital diggers!

The Temptations - Mother Nature

This track got that old school sample feel where its soulful but almost a tiny bit evil. I love these kind of tracks cause they remind me of some samples that Nas or Jay Z would use if flipped properly by someone like Alchemist or DJ Premier. I hope you are a fan of the Temps.. I sure as hell am. Enjoy this one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Phyllis Hyman - Living In Confusion

Sexy ass Phyllis Hyman here has a bangin sample with my favorite sound in it... the ever elusive 80s sax. I love the 80s R&B with the sax samples. Dave Sanborn is usually one of the killer dudes in that case, but here.. its my dude Gary Bartz with a killer few lines that really set the mood. I look for these samples all day and when I find em, I chop em up like leatherface with a body. I hope everyone likes this kind of music as much as I do. This is the epitome of what rules my iPod. Enjoy one of my nubian queen crushes... Phyllis Hyman with the killer track "Living in Confusion" off her LP Prime of My Life.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Loleatta Holloway - Cassanova

Mostly everyone has heard this sample.. and its super dope and super smooth. I love this joint not only as a sample.. but as a great soulful hit. I rarely hear raw emotion in vocals these days, only a few female artists like Shareefa and Keyshia Cole can really deliver that kinda sound these days. This is one of those old school females that has that real emotion in her vocals that draws you into the song. This one always gets me in the mood for making babies... yea. Smoothness at its finest, if Loleatta and Isaac Hayes had a lil baby.. that would be the most sexified vocalist in the entire universe. Enjoy this slammer!